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What Age's do I provide packages and advice for?  

Baby Sleep Fairy provides services for children that are aged 12 weeks -4 years.

My Sleep training methods?

I can provide multiple sleep methods depending on my assessment of your child. All plans are designed to fit with your needs to ensure the optimal solution is implemented for your child. I will always provide you the support and guidance to ensure a great sleep for your child that is safe and suitable

Is there a recommended sleep package? 

This depends on what is best for you however I can provide a recommendation based on our discussions. At all the final agreement to the service is your responsibility

What is the process?

Before I can provide a service it is understand that we discuss and I understand some fundamentals including health and any medical conditions, the current sleep environment, dietary requirements, and any current sleep techniques that is being applied.

The first step is to complete a questionnaire that I will review and apply to create a customised sleep plan that I will discuss in detail and answer questions to ensure that your understand the plan and can implement

My approach is a science-based, holistic approach that will encourage your child to have a great sleep 

What is my certification?

Shaileshni Pillay is a certified Baby and Infant sleep consultant, trained and mentored by Baby Sleep Consultant Ltd. Additional I have worked with families both in Australia and internationally and take great pride and happiness when your child enjoys a great sleep

Why do you need a infant and baby sleep consultant?

Guess what If your little one isn't sleeping then neither are you.  

It is not easy and there are so many opinions and articles out there on how to give your child the gift of sleep. Sometimes you can try multiple methods and it just doesn't work and you get frustrated, tired and believe it will never work which affects your child, family and health. This is when the Baby Sleep Fairy can give you a customised sleep plan that is designed after a detailed understanding of your child sleep patterns that also fits in with your lifestyle. If you are committed to giving your child a great nights sleep but do not have the time, experience or where to start than the Baby Sleep Fairy is here to help you

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