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Cry It Out (CIO) is NOT the only OPTION!

Many mums cringe at the thought of leaving their baby or toddler to scream until they have no voice left, but full extinction is not needed and is not anymore effective than the softer method we use.

Sleep training is a great way to get stability in your child and families day and consistency is KEY for babies to grow, develop and establish a healthy start to adulthood!

As a mum of 3 kids myself having our home run somewhat efficiently is very important to success in our careers and also in our marriage, but teaching our babies healthy sleep habits was not aN easy job! We had to invest time and research with our first child.

If your not sure if sleep training is right for your family you can start making small changes to help establish those healthy habits to help baby sleep 10-12 hours at night.

  1. Pitch black room

  2. Continuous white noise

  3. Consistant bedtime routine

  4. Age appropriate naps and awake times

Remember consistency, progress and practice over perfection!

Need some more help with age appropriate awake periods or getting those 10-12 hour nights without CIO?

Contact me via whatsApp on 0490 022 371 or

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