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Is Your Toddler Waking During The Night?

Here are a few reasons why your toddler could be waking during the night:

  • Not enough day sleep - if a child does not get enough sleep during the day causing them to be overtired this can cause them to wake during the night.

  • Too much day sleep - this can lead to broken night sleep and not enough sleep dept has been achieved during the day.

  • Hunger - if a child doesn't eat enough or the right food.

  • Sleep Associations - if a child goes to sleep by being rocked, patted, laying next to them, breast/bottle fed then this causes them to constantly wake up as they need the same help to go back to sleep.

  • Habit - waking up during the night for attention.

These are just a few of the reasons a toddler could wake up during the night.

To find out what is causing your toddler to wake up contact me via whatsApp on 0490 022 371 or

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