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Milestones & Sleep

Whilst your little one is growing, it is important to recognise the changes they are going through in a short time and embrace it!

Most important thing to do is help them practice their new learnt skill. For example, if your little one has just started to stand then support them. During the day, practice standing your baby up next to the couch and having him/her sit down from the standing position over and over again. The more you practice during the day the less likely they will do this at night.

During sleep training, if the baby is standing then lay him/her back down at each check-in interval. Go in silently, but persistently lay him/her down. If your baby tends to fall asleep while in the standing position, quietly go into their room and lay them down. Stay consistent and don’t do anything that could create a new sleep prop.

It is important to remember this is only temporary. It can take anywhere from a few days to two weeks to allow your baby to transition through this sleep regression. Usually once your baby gets better with the new milestone they can get right back on track with their sleep habits. The more consistent you stay with how you handle the night and day wakings the easier and quicker your baby will be back in their sleep routine.

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